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Biz Champs Contest 2021

Getting leaders “Business Ready” for the future!

Are you “Business Ready”?

Do some of these key business challenges look familiar to you?

Managers often work in silos and miss the big picture.

Decisions are made based on visible symptoms or intuitions, and lack the deep and logical analysis to arrive at the root cause.

Focus is on the action and immediate results without any real reflection on the impact of decisions.

The organisation doesn't learn from the impact of previous decisions, resulting in repeated mistakes and lack of innovation.

Sky's the limit!

Develop the capabilities of your future business leaders for:

● Thinking holistically to see the big picture and connect the dots
● Data-backed decision making based on sound management principles
● Agility and adaptability to deal with change and unknowns
● Making more effective decisions by combining experience and analysis

A beautiful embodiment of this can be seen here:

Biz Champs Contest 2021

Biz Champs Contest 2021 is an online contest to prepare today’s leaders for tomorrow! Here, teams discover their leadership and decision-making capabilities, compete against other teams and achieve their business goals - all in a simulated environment closely modelled on the real world. The environment will be virtual, but the heat will be all real!

What happens in the contest?

We make leaders compete with fellow professionals across organisations in a simulated business environment by assigning business objectives and roles and the challenge to achieve business outcomes in a competitive scenario.

They make decisions based on available information and holistic thinking.

They learn to collaborate, tackle the competition and come up with an optimal strategy to achieve the stated goals.

Simply put: We are getting leaders “Business Ready” for the future!

Details of the contest

Contest Rounds

  • ● Stage 1: Preliminary league
  • ● Stage 2: Final tournament and presentation to the jury
  • ● The top 3 teams at the end of the finals emerge as the winners!
  • ● Fun and learning combined - Masterclass for participants

Who can Participate?

  • ● This contest is open to working professionals (nominated by self or by corporates)
  • ● Ideally recommended participation is in teams of up to 3 members
  • ● An organisation can nominate multiple teams
  • ● Team members cannot be changed/substituted once the preliminary league has commenced

Important Dates*

  • ● Registrations close on: Saturday, 15 May 2021
  • ● Masterclass for participants: Saturday, 22 May 2021 and Saturday, 29 May 2021
  • ● League tournament: Saturday, 05 June 2021
  • ● Final tournament, presentation to jury and declaration of results: Saturday, 12 June 2021
* Contest schedule might change at management's discretion


Contest Organised by DMA

Founded in 1955, DMA (Delhi Management Association) is a premier and prestigious professional body, devoted to the dissemination of management principles and practices. It is a non-profit and autonomous entity that focuses on providing a wide range of services aimed at enhancing managerial effectiveness in a broad sphere of activities.

Powered by LearnBiz Simulations

LearnBiz Simulations is a simulation and assessment firm, specializing in the domain of Business Simulation Games. Their team of experts design and deliver business games to meet the learning expectations of clients

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