The Managing Committee of Delhi Management Association has terminated the services of Mr. Rajan Pandhi, Director DMA with immediate effect from 30 January, 2022


In-Company Programmes for Corporate Professionals More…

Major Events and Management Development Programmes:


1 11th Women Entrepreneurs Conference on “The Changing Landscape for Entrepreneurs– Aspire, Adapt, Achieve” – 22nd April 2021
2 Webinar on ‘Transformational Leadership” 19th May 2021
3 Webinar on ‘Hybrid is the New Normal in Learning & Development” 26th June 2021
5 Executive Development Program on Cyber Security for Data Protection- 25th August 2021 25th Aug 2021
6 DMA – Benepik Unsung Covid Heroes Awards 2021- 3rd September 2021 3rd September 2021
7 Healthcare Assistants Training – 20th September 2021 to 26th September 2021 20th sep – 26th Sep 2021


1 Session on “Keeping the neck out … till we get Lucky” 24th April 2020
2 “Webinar on GST – Recent Changes & Audit by Department” 25th April 2020
3 Webinar on “Smart Financial Planning for Holistic Growth” 1st May 2020
4 E-meeting on Rebooting with New Normals – Resilient Strategies for Productivity Management 2nd May 2020
5 Iinteractive session on “Mindfulness in Managing Organisations”
5th May 2020
6 Webinar on “Sustaining Organisational Culture during Difficult Times” 8th May 2020
7 6th learning Session of NOWE@DMA “Navigating Business through Covid 19 and Beyond”- 20th May 2020
8 Interactive meeting on “Leadership Lessons during Unprecedented Times” 22nd May 2020
9 Interactive session on New Models for Rural Development 23rd May 2020
10 Interactive session on “Unlocking Your Attitude during Lockdowns” 27th May 2020
11 DMA Webinar on Tomorrow for Women at Work- Covid 19 & beyond 29th May 2020
12 12. Interactive & Experiential Series of 3 Mini Trainings – “Introduction to Mindfulness for Working & Thriving in the New Normal”- 26th, 28th & 30th May 2020
13 13. 7th Session of NOWE Navigating Business through Covid 19 and Beyond (Edition II)- 4th June 2020
14 Intensive Webinar on Compassionate Leadership 9th June 2020
15 Webinar on Business during Covid 19 and Beyond : Impact on Enterprises and Action Plan 12th June 2020
16 Webinar on CSR a Key Driver in Covid Times 26th June 2020
17 Webinar on New Leadership & New Competencies in the Post Covid Era 29th June 2020
18 Session on Upskilling for e-Teaching in the Global Context 3rd July 2020
19 Webinar on Post Covid : IR/ER Framework 11th July 2020
20 “Essential Mantras for Family Business” 1st Session – The Wisdom of 100-Year Family Enterprises 18th July 2020
21 Panel Discussion on Coaching Intervention Post Covid Time 25th July 2020
22 “Essential Mantras for Family Business” 2nd Session – You can’t manage what you don’t know 25th July 2020
23 3rd Session of DMA- PFBI Online Symposium – “How We Change” on 1st August 2020
24 4th Session of DMA- PFBI Online Symposium – “The Challenge for Successors- Managers or Entrepreneurs” on 8th August 2020
25 Webinar on “GO GIG : GO AGILE” on 9th August 2020
26 1st virtual workshop on ” Stress Management ” on 14th August 2020
27 DMA Webinar on ATMANIRBHAR BHARAT – “How to convert Technological Innovation into a Successful Start- Up Business” 26th August 2020
28 South Korea’s Global Excellence: Lessons for us from 6 Experts on South Korean Industry 28th August 2020
29 Online intense training program on – Integrative Mindfulness : Developing the Skills to Thrive in the New-Normal – 1st August, 2020 to 5th September, 2020. 5th September 2020
30 Exclusive Invitation for a Webinar on “The Two Best Coaching Tools” with Michael Bungay Stanier 5th September 2020
31 DMA 8th Session of NOWE@ DMA Webinar on “Navigating through Covid 19 and Beyond” (Edition III) 17th September 2020
32 Webinar on “How NLP makes Life Better” 18th September 2020
33 Inspirational Webinar Series @DMA- ‘Intelligent Automation & Artificial Intelligence’(Session I) 25th September 2020
34 DMA Workshop on “Designing a Tax Efficient Compensation Structure” 26th September 2020
35 Webinar on “Creating Liquidity during Challenging Times “ 29th September 2020
36 Inspirational Webinar Series @DMA- ‘Intelligent Automation & Artificial Intelligence’(Session I 30th September 2020
37 Foundation Day Celebration of NOWE@DMA 5th Oct 2020
38 DMA Webinar on Application of Data Analytics 10th Oct 2020
39 DMA-PFBI series Essential Mantras for Family Business 17th Oct 2020
40 Webinar on Leveraging IR 22nd Oct 2020
41 Webinar on Aligning CSR with NEP 2020 23rd Oct 2020
42 DMA Workshop on Effective Interviewing for Competency Assessment 31st Oct 2020
43 Panel Discussion on Digitalisation in L&D 12th November 2020
44 Padma Shri Dr. Pritam Singh Memorial Lecture 19th November 2020
45 Workshop on Maritime Law 22nd and 23rd November 2020
46 Webinar on “Psychometric Tests for Talent Acquisition and Development” 28th November 2020
47 GMR PFBI – DMA Online Symposium 6 12th December 2020
48 Interactive & experiential Workshop on “PHILOSOPHY OF YOGA” 12th December 2020
49 Webinar on “Job Evaluation for Talent Management and Compensation Planning” 19th December 2020
50 GMR PFBI – DMA Online Symposium 6 12th December 2020
51 Interactive & experiential Workshop on “PHILOSOPHY OF YOGA” 12th December 2020
52 Sharing of Best Practices by Lucknow Management Association 16th December 2020
53 Webinar on “Job Evaluation for Talent Management and Compensation Planning” 19th December 2020
54 Webinar on “Artificial Intelligence (AI) – The Game Changer”- 23rd December 2020
55 Drones for Daughters – Education, Skilling, Leadership, Investments and Opportunities’ 20th December 2020
56 9th E-learning Session of NOWE@ DMA (Network of Women Entrepreneurs)
on “Technology for Navigating Business in Covid Times and Beyond”
7th January 2021
57 Webinar on “Current Investment Scenario in India – Market Outlook” 20th January 2021
58 Colloquium on Creating a Culture of Innovation – the people aspect 22nd January 2021
59 “Business Acumen: Building a Better HR” 23rd January 2021
60 Webinar on Talent Development: Renewed Perspectives 29th January 2021
61 “Webinar on “The Code on Wages, 2019” 5th February 2021
62 DMA- GMR PFBI – DMA Online Symposium 7th Session on ‘Business Perpetuity in Family Companies”- 20th February 2021
63 DMA Workshop on “Artificial Intelligence (AI) – The Game Changer Series 20th March 2021
64 DMA Webinar on ” HR Analytics for Business Decisions ” – 27th March 2021