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Major Events and Management Development Programmes:

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S No. Particulars Date
1 DMA Workshop on “CSR Act and it’s Implications for Companies” 30th September 2020
2 DMA Workshop on “Designing a Tax Efficient Compensation Structure” 26th September 2020
3 Inspirational Webinar Series @DMA- ‘Intelligent Automation & Artificial Intelligence’(Session I) 25th September 2020
4 Webinar on “How NLP makes Life Better” 18th September 2020
5 DMA 8th Session of NOWE@ DMA Webinar on “Navigating through Covid 19 and Beyond” (Edition III) 17th September 2020
6 Exclusive Invitation for a Webinar on “The Two Best Coaching Tools” with Michael Bungay Stanier 5th September 2020
7 South Korea’s Global Excellence: Lessons for us from 6 Experts on South Korean Industry 28th August 2020
8 DMA Webinar on ATMANIRBHAR BHARAT – “How to convert Technological Innovation into a Successful Start- Up Business” 26th August 2020
9 Online intense training program on – INTEGRATIVE MINDFULNESS : DEVELOPING THE SKILLS TO THRIVE IN THE NEW-NORMAL 1st August, 2020 to 5th September, 2020.
10 1st virtual workshop on “Stress Management” 14th August 2020
11 Webinar on “GO GIG : GO AGILE” 9th August 2020
12 4th Session of DMA- PFBI Online Symposium “The Challenge for Successors- Managers or Entrepreneurs” 8th August 2020
13 3rd Session of DMA- PFBI Online Symposium “How We Change” 1st August 2020